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Do I Have Pyroluria?

Here's a questionnaire to help you determine if you or someone you care about has pyroluria.

1. Do you tend to skip breakfast or have morning nausea?

2. Do you tend to be anxious?

3. Do you have other members in your immediate or extended family with schizophrenia?

4. Are there members of your immediate or extended family who have committed suicide?

5. Do you have white spots on your nails?

6. Did you get a "stitch" in your side when you ran as a child?

7. Did you have moderate to severe acne as a teenager?

8. Do you have pain or creaking in your knees?

9. Do you have cold hands and feet?

10. Do you have stretch marks as an adolescent or adult even without a large weight gain or loss?

11. Are your teeth or were your teeth before orthodontic treatment crowded with teeth growing over teeth?

12. Did puberty start a little later for you than others?

13. Are you easily tired?

14. Do you tend toward apathy?

15. Do you have a tendency toward iron-deficiency anemia or test borderline?

16. Do you have eczema or psoriasis?

17. Do you have tingling sensations or even tremors in your arms or legs?

18. Do you tend to have paler skin than other family members?

19. Do you tend to get overwhelmed in stressful situations?

20. Do you have trouble remembering your dreams?

21. Are you now or have you been a vegetarian?

22. Are you now or have you before been an alcoholic?

23. Do you find yourself socially withdrawn and dependent fairly strongly on one person?

If you answer yes to 12 or more of these questions, then you may have pyroluria and should consider getting the lab test done, as mentioned on the description of pyroluria page.


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